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  • IC697CHS771REP



  • Accepts:
    • all IC697 PLC module types
    • IC687 (VME) I/O and Communications module types
  • Mounts in a standard 19in rack
  • Accepts plug-in AC/DC and DC IC697 power supplies, or can use external supply (Power Supply Adaptor module required)
  • Provision for two rack operation from single power supply
  • Provision for power supply for high-current configurations


The GE-Emerson IC697CHS771 Series 90-70 Dual Redundant Front Mount Rack has two Power Supply slots and 12 backplane slots divided into two separate sections, each having a Power Supply slot and 6 backplane slots. The Redundant rack is designed to provide easy integration of 3rd party VME modules into an IC697 PLC system. Integration of 3rd Party VME modules must be in accordance with guidelines which are described in the User's Guide to Integration of 3rd Party VME Modules.

Backplane connectors are spaced on 0.8in centers to accommodate VME modules. IC697 modules each use two of these slots. Standard IC697 racks normally have slots spaced on 1.6in centers for IC697 modules.