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  • IC698CHS017REP



  • Provides slot sensing for rack-type I/O modules
  • 11.15in (H) x 19in (W) x 7.5 (D)
  • Number of slots:
    • Slots 1 through 17: CPU installed in slot 1, slots are 0.8in wide
    • Slot 0: Power supply slot, 2.4in wide
  • Maximum current (from Rx7i power supplies):
    • 100W supply:
      • +5V: 20 Amps
      • +12V: 2 Amps
      • -12V: 1 Amp
    • 350W supply:
      • +5V: 60 Amps
      • +12V: 12 Amps
      • -12V: 4 Amps
  • I/O references are user-configurable with programming/configuration software


The GE-Emerson IC698CHS017 Rx7i 17-Slot Rear Mount Rack applies backplane connectors that are spaced on 0.8in centers to accommodate single-width Rx7i modules, VME modules, and single-width Series 90-70 modules. Double-width Series 90-70 modules use two slots each. 

The rack accepts a power supply in slot 0 and a CPU in slot 1. The Rx7i CPUs with Ethernet daughter card are double-width modules and use slots 1 and 2. The remaining slots can be used for one of the following I/O combinations:

  • Fifteen single-width modules (with no double-width modules installed)
  • Eight double-width modules
  • A combination of double-width and single-width modules

Integration of VME modules must be in accordance with guidelines that are described in the Rx7i User's Guide to Integration of VME Modules, GFK-2235 (see Documents).

The Rx7i 17-Slot Rear Mount Rack is considered open equipment, and must be installed in a protective enclosure rated IP54 or greater.