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  • IC695CHS012RMN



  • Includes terminal strip on the left end (slot 0) for Isolated 24V input
  • Includes backplane grounding point
  • Integral grounding bar connects module/shield grounds
  • Provides Serial Expansion connector for connecting to Serial Expansion and Remote Backplanes
  • Slot numbers printed on the backplane are useable as a reference for configuration


The GE-Emerson IC695CHS012 Rx3i Universal Backplane supports PCI-based (IC695) and serial (IC693 and IC694) I/O and option modules, as well as 90-30 I/O and option modules.

The components of the backplane are considered open equipment (having live electrical parts that may be accessible to users) and must be installed in an ultimate enclosure that is manufactured to provide safety. The rack should be oriented horizontally; vertical orientation is not recommended and could affect product safety and performance by limiting adequate airflow around the modules.