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  • 312180D-2-R-01-TREP



  • 640 data points / profile
  • 0.04 (+/- % of MR) Linearity Z
  • Resolution:
    • Z (mm) 0.092 to 0.488
    • X (mm) 0.75 to 2.20 (profile data interval)
  • 12μm Repeatability Z
  • 350mm clearance distance (CD)
  • 800mm measurement range (MR)
  • 390 to 1,260mm field of view (FOV)
  • 49mm x 75mm x 272mm dimensions
  • ~170 to 5,000Hz scan rate
  • Gigabit Ethernet interface
  • Inputs:
    • Differential Encoder
    • Laser Safety Enable
    • Trigger
  • Outputs:
    • 2x digital output
    • RS-485 Serial (115 kBaud)
  • Input voltage (power):
    • +24 to +48VDC (13W)
    • Ripple: +/- 10%


The LMI Technologies 312180D-2-R-01-T Model 2180 Gocator is a 3D smart line profile sensor with extensive output support on Gigabit Ethernet as well as digital and analog out, allowing it to communicate directly with existing production line systems, minimizing engineering and maintenance costs. Built-in PLC protocols greatly simplify integration with PLCs.

Single sensors require no additional controllers, amplifiers, or PCs. Using LMI Master hubs, Gocator systems can be easily scaled to multiple sensors to handle wider targets. Gocator 2100 is also fully compatible with Gocator 2300. Systems can be upgraded to higher-resolution sensors with no adaptation or additional learning required.

Gocator's built-in, intuitive GUI allows the user to configure profiling settings and measurement tools using any web browser, computer, or operating system.

Gocator Repair Service Level 1 includes:

  • Device cleaned and visually inspected for damages
  • Device verified for operation and accuracy
  • External components replaced, as required
  • 6-month warranty
  • Move to Level 2 repair if internal damage is present due to broken connector/window

Gocator Repair Service Level 2 includes:

  • All Level 1 repairs
  • Internal components replaced, as required
  • Limited 1-year warranty