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  • 312440A-3B-R-01-SREP



  • 1,500 data points / profile
  • Resolution X (μm) 90 to 13 (profile data interval)
  • 0.01 (+/- % of MR) Linearity Z
  • 1.2μm Repeatability Z
  • 183mm clearance distance (CD)
  • 210mm measurement range (MR)
  • 96 to 194mm field of view (FOV)
  • 44mm x 90mm x 190mm dimensions
  • 200 to 5,000Hz scan rate
  • Gigabit Ethernet interface
  • Inputs:
    • Differential Encoder
    • Laser Safety Enable
    • Trigger
  • Outputs:
    • 2x digital output
    • RS-485 Serial (115 kBaud)
  • Input voltage (power):
    • +24 to +48VDC (9W)
    • Ripple: +/- 10%


The LMI Technologies 312440A-3B-R-01-S Model 2440 Gocator is a 3D smart line profile sensor pre-calibrated to scan micron-level details. The 2400 series of Gocators operates at double the speed of the 2300 series, can be set up and controlled via a web browser or SDK, includes built-in tools with no programming required, and is extendable via GDK and GoMax.

The Gocator's camera measures micron-level features with a 2-megapixel camera, scanning parts for extremely small defects and providing 3D quality inspection. The faster scanning speed of the 2400 series also allows an increase in speed for inline processes with higher resolutions, and multiple exposures can be used to accurately measure high-contrast targets. With an X resolution down to 6μm, the user can generate data points on very tiny edges or narrow gaps.

The Gocator 2400 series' scanning software includes a browser-based GUI and open-source SDK for configuration and real-time 3D visualization. The open-source SDK, native drivers, and industrial protocols allow for integration with user applications, third-party image processing applications, robots, and PLCs.

Gocator Repair Service Level 1 includes:

  • Device cleaned and visually inspected for damages
  • Device verified for operation and accuracy
  • External components replaced, as required
  • 6-month warranty
  • Move to Level 2 repair if internal damage is present due to broken connector/window

Gocator Repair Service Level 2 includes:

  • All Level 1 repairs
  • Internal components replaced, as required
  • Limited 1-year warranty