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Don't be Fooled by "New Surplus" PLC Parts

June 5th, 2019

We’ve noticed a trend in the replacement GE PLC Control parts market that is disconcerting and we want to make sure you aren’t getting one thing while thinking you are buying another.  Some providers of aftermarket GE PLC parts are advertising NEW SURPLUS parts as direct replacements for NEW GE PLC parts.

This sounds pretty good, right? You might be thinking, “Great! I get a new part at a cheaper price because it was surplus.”  Unfortunately, there is a catch to these “new surplus” parts and we don’t want you to be caught unaware.

Let us help explain what NEW SURPLUS parts really are:

New Surplus PLC parts have been bought from other customers’ shelves or storage locations but are still sealed in their original factory packaging. Typically, these parts have been on storeroom shelves at a plant or mill for 5, 10 and in some cases, almost 20 years. 

These parts are not new, they just haven’t been opened yet.

  • When a PLC part sits on a shelf for years, many things begin to happen that can harm your factory, plant or mill:
    Capacitors start to leak and other electronics lose their tolerance, causing them to not work to proper specifications.
  • Batteries lose their charge and fail to hold programs in place.
  • The older firmware will affect functionality or possibly even programming.

“New surplus” boards have all of these issues.   Don’t expose your critical machines or key processes to suspect “new surplus” boards.

Thankfully, there is an easy way to see if the part you buy is actually new. You can check the date code on the label.  Protect your plant by only using factory-new parts from an Authorized GE AC Distributor, or purchase Recertified or Remanufactured parts from a company that is authorized by GE to provide repairs, uses original OEM components, upgrades all parts to the latest firmware and has a dedicated team of GE technical specialists and engineers to insure each part works to GE’s specifications.

Don’t put your plant at risk with “new surplus” parts.

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