Remanufactured parts are like-new and come with a 2 year warranty

by Qualitrol Support Team

Qualitrol International's remanufactured PLC products are always of the highest quality and a more affordable option to new PLC equipment. 

Without these tools, your company wouldn't exist and even slight interruptions in service could have a negative impact on daily operations. Our remanufactured products are handled with the expertise and understanding required to make them perform wonderfully for years to come. They also come with a distinctive Qualitrol 2-year warranty. You can find affordable, high-quality remanufactured PLC parts at Qualitrol and we back all of our products so you always get what you need. 

Although it's nice to get the PLC part you require, obtaining a new PLC part comes at a high price. Remanufactured parts might not be as common, but you can still find them and they come with their own list of benefits. But not all refurbished components were made equal — ensure you're getting quality assurance and extensive benefits through Qualitrol. 

Some other points to consider:

  1. Reduce product cost: You get significant savings when buying remanufactured PLC parts, typically saving about half off MSRP
  2. Faster than a repair: You receive your remanufactured equipment fast. Let us send you a remanufactured part and send yours in so you will have a qualified spare
  3. Built by certified technicians: We have highly skilled, IPC 7711/7721 certified technicians
  4. Quality assurance: We use the same components or exact replacements as the OEM on all remanufactured PLC units
  5. We've got your back: We are so confident that you will receive high-quality unit, providing two-year warranty on PLCs

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