Trust Qualitrol with your HMI and drive repairs

by Qualitrol Support Team

At Qualitrol International, we are experts in components and repair for industrial controls and Drives. Servicing industry favorites like, Siemens, Allen-Bradley, MultiLin and many more. We’ll restore functionality to your HMI’s and Drives to like-new or better than new. We have an extensive inventory of top-quality parts that will meet or exceed your expectations. 

HMI units typically have an easy-to-read visual indicator that provides invaluable insights into process performance and productivity. The interface, while still sophisticated, allows simpler control over processes. These visual indicators and controls, in conjunction with alerts and alarms, provide machine operators with the ability to improve efficiency and productivity by identifying and responding to requirements and production issues much more quickly and easily. These efficiencies ultimately will help your bottom line. 

Over time, an HMI can show signs that it is starting to fail — and failure of the HMI can lead to critical downtime. It is a best practice to repair an HMI unit before it fails.

Signs that an HMI unit is starting to fail:

  • The screen is faded or difficult to read.
  • The touchscreen is less responsive or has “dead areas.”
  • Abnormalities such as horizontal or vertical lines appear on screen.
  • Cable connections are loose.
  • Key presses are more difficult.
  • The unit does not always start up on the first try.
  • The screen flickers.
  • The HMI screen or housing is visibly broken or damaged.
  • Expert Repair for your Breuer-Motoren ecoVert Drives

Breuer-Motoren ecoVert Drives and Rectifiers have been a mainstay in specialty drive applications for years.  Qualitrol can now repair ecoVert Drives, Frequency Inverters and Rectifiers in house with our team of expert repair technicians.  Each unit is carefully inspected, and key components such as IGBTs, snubbers, fans and controller boards are tested to determine performance then are replaced as needed to achieve optimal working conditions.  We then test each unit with a motor and load to assure that the repaired EcoVert drive will perform to factory specifications.  

Unparalleled AC and DC drive repairs

Whether your machinery runs on DC or AC drives, you’ll probably have to service or repair them at some point. When that time comes, you need a trusted, reliable partner to help you conduct service. Qualitrol International’s certified repair specialists know these electrical drives inside and out and can help diagnose and solve a wide array of problems to get you back up and running.

We’ve been repairing AC and DC drives from many of the top manufacturers like Siemens, GE, Allen-Bradley, ABB, Kollmorgan and many more. You can trust Qualitrol with your machines because we maintain a focus on quality by going beyond “used” parts to offer recertified and remanufactured components that will work to the manufacturer’s original specs and provide an extensive service time for the repaired product. This makes our products a cost-effective alternative to full replacement.

Scheduling a repair is easy just fill out this form and we will contact you promptly. Or call us at 800.784.9385 and one of our engineers will expedite your repair request.